Tuesday, November 12, 2002

THANKS TO MARC: yesterday afternoon had a brilliant chat with Marc . It was great to talk to someone who is doing something slightly different from the public diary format: ie an emphasis on commentary. I liked the analogies to punk too. Thanks Marc.
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Thursday, November 07, 2002

BLOGGING BY CATEGORY: alongside the big increase in digital photography, one of the other changes I've noticed in blogging since I started research a year ago is an increasing experimentation with the basic form of the weblog. For instance, I find the changes Pete has made to his weblog interesting; beside the conventional blogs posts ordered chronologically, he has also ordered his posts into categories or themes, which can be accessed on the navigation bar.
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Wednesday, November 06, 2002

GIVING BRITISH BLOGGERS A VOICE: in light of Tom's interesting discussion of media (and academic) commentary on blogging and the need for bloggers to author their own history and culture, I was wondering if UK bloggers had considered producing a book. I am thinking perhaps of something like the volume Rebecc Blood put together; basically short essays, reflections etc by a collection of bloggers. Do people think that British blogging has its own distinct voice and culture, one that deserves its own volume? Perhaps individuals are already working on this?
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posted by adam 6:57 PM

PRINCIPLES OF ACADEMIC PUBLISHING: following a very welcome and heplful discussion on UKB Discuss, I propose to follow these guidelines when it comes to submitting written papers on blogging to academic review:
1] I will quote from my transcripts from the formal interviews I conducted with individual bloggers, but using pseudonyms, as is convention in social anthropology.
2] I will not quote from weblogs, unless I have gained prior permission to do so from the individual blogger concerned.
3] I will not quote from mailing list conversation without prior permission.

I hope this is agreeable to all concerned? Thanks again to all those who helped me reach these decisions.
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Monday, November 04, 2002

NEW MAILING LISTS: thanks to Mo for revamping mailing list into UKB, with now two separate mailing lists: UKB Discuss for specifically blogging matters, and UKB Social for general socialising. It will be interesting to see how conversations break down between the two.
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Friday, November 01, 2002

COMMUNITY PROJECT?: I must apologise for not responding earlier, but I am afraid I completely missed the debate sparked by a posting I made to the mailing list [and consequently posted on this weblog] and the response it provoked from Meg and then from Tom . Basically, in response to the GBlogs portal closing I asked: "I wonder what this will mean for the 'community' project?" In her post, Meg complains at my use of language [both my use of the term project and my use of inverted commas for community]. I apologise if any offence was taken; it was certainly not intended. I agree the term 'project' was a little ill-advised and open to misinterpretation. I did not mean to imply that the blogging community was constructed in any kind of negative sense. From my conversations with bloggers I understood that in the early days of UK blogging there was a natural desire to concretise the links that were already developing between bloggers [especially in London] by creating a mailing list, a portal and by establishing blogmeets. That is what I meant when I used the term 'project'. My use of inverted commas for the word community was certainly not intended to make "the whole 'community' seem to be a subject of doubt or disdain" [Meg]. Quite the opposite. I used inverted commas to highlight the fact that I am treating the word 'community' as an artefact; just as I might were I using the term 'society' or 'individual'. This is not to doubt the integrity or reality of that community, but merely to point out that the term allows us to organise sets of social relations in certain ways. I am interested, like Meg, in how the use of the term 'community' effects the ways in which we imagine social interaction and sets of relations.
I hope this goes some way to meeting the complaints. I must of course take the bulk of the blame for not articulating myself clearly and coherently. In defence, my original post [and contribution to the mailing list] was very of the moment; posted quickly, without much reflection. I apologise again.
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