Thursday, July 18, 2002

BEST OF BRITISH BLOGS: so the Guardian has decided it is the proper authority to judge the quality of blogs. As several others have noted, this kind of award ceremony potentially changes everything. Hark the rise of the professional blog critic! All the usual questions arise when criticism emerges as an independent cultural activity. What makes a blog the 'best'? Who is the appropriate judge of blogs? How does this change the way in which blogs are written or viewed [suddenly bloggers are writing with an eye to institutional approval]? And what does the Guardian's interest in blogs and judging blogs say about UK blogging? Talk about an ethnographic moment! Still I wouldn't mind 1000 squid.
In other news: this Meet-up organised blog meet[s] tonight I suspect will go a bit pear-shaped; not just because it is now split into two separate meetings, but more because its right smack in the middle of a tube strike. I for one don't fancy braving the buses in those conditions.
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Tuesday, July 16, 2002

BLOGMEET ON THURSDAY: so in its wisdom Meet-up have decided there are so many bloggers who wish to attend the blogmeet it should be held in two separate locations! These are: Starbucks Coffee, 16 Piccadilly and Pages Bar, 75 Pages Street, Westminster. Of course this is also a way for Meet-up to make more commission money from the cafes/bars. Further problem, as Gert pointed out to me, there is a tube strike that doesn't finish until 8pm on thursday! So is anyone going to the meet[s], and if so, which of the two locations is favoured?
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posted by adam 8:08 AM

Thursday, July 11, 2002

MEET-UP: does anyone know anything about this meet-up site, which is linked to by Blogger? I see that if you click through to London, it tells you there is a meeting every thursday evening! And you can vote for one of three locations: Starbucks Coffee, 16 Piccadilly; Coffee Republic, 25-51 St Mary Axe; Pages Bar, 75 Pages Street, Westminster [what a choice!]. Has anyone ever been on one of these?
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posted by adam 11:55 AM

THANKS MO: yesterday met up with Mo and retreated to a pub in St John's Wood for a chat. Mo has some really interesting ideas on where web logging may go in the future; in particular on experimenting with the form of blogs [especially the template and bias to chronological organisation] and the archiving of blogs [how we might rethink their organisation]. Check out his thoughts on Mo Morgan .
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Monday, July 08, 2002

BLOGMEET: on saturday ducked out of conference to meet up with bunch of bloggers in Soho Square. Good to meet Graham and Tom for the first time and to see some old faces [I think Cal must have some photos somewhere]. Particularly enjoyed talking to Mo; he has got some interesting ideas for development of blogging templates. I like the idea he has on his blog of doing without navigation bar altogether. Nice to see Meg again [the first web logger I met and who helped introduce me to others]. Sorry to miss Luke, but had to shoot off to birthday party in Cambridge [hope you have a good trip back to Aus].
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Thursday, July 04, 2002

CHECK OUT BLOGGERHEADS: just back from fascinating chat with Tim [Ireland]. It was great to get an expert view on blogging strategies for attracting an audience [google bombing, link whoring etc]. I really enjoyed Tim's thought pieces on the potential of blogs and his broader vision for the Internet. Thanks Tim.
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Tuesday, July 02, 2002

THANKS TO TIM: met up with Tim of Scratch This earlier [second interview I have done in the Candid cafe in Islington]. I enjoyed our chat; it was interesting to meet someone who mainly engages with North American, rather than UK, blogs. Rather than a journal or pundit style blog, Tim offers a selection of links to interesting news stories with commentary. Very useful resource; I am glad to have found it [through London tube map of blogs]. Thanks Tim.
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posted by adam 9:43 PM

Monday, July 01, 2002

TOP 40 UK BLOGS: thanks to Troubled Diva for highlighting the Blogdex list of most linked to UK blogs. Seems like quite a mix of journal and pundit blogs. Maybe we should a weekly countdown: how many weeks can Tom stay no 1? "Coming in at no 25", "this week down 4 to no 10 " etc. Maybe countdown should highlight top movers with edited selections of their latest entries, and then for no 1 show the entire page.
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posted by adam 10:34 AM

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