Wednesday, March 27, 2002

VERSE GURU: thanks to Jacob for agreeing to meet and discuss his web log. I very much enjoyed it. Our conversation brought up the issue of the continuously updatable nature of blogs; its addictive nature, its coercive nature and the need for individuals for dictate their own rhythm to posting.
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HOUSEHUNTING: okay here's my dilemma. If you are looking for a place to live in North London, then what should be your priority:
1] Be close to good transport hub, even it is not a very nice place.
2] Be close to nice area [with entertainment faciltiies etc], but in a bit of a transport wasteland.
3] Be in very nice area, with good transport and entertainment facilities, but sacrifice flat space significantly.
These options keep spinning round in my mind, so If any one has a suggested preference please tell.
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posted by adam 1:36 PM

Monday, March 25, 2002

TUBE LIFE: been trying to think about the qualities of Tube life; the things that stand out as Tube related activities or features of that space-time.
1] Fiction reading [also newspapers etc]
2] Walkman listening
3] Shoe dancing: shoes seem to be much more visible when sitting opposite poeple on the Tube.
Any other ideas? contact me
posted by adam 11:42 AM

Friday, March 22, 2002

DOING MY FACE ON THE TUBE: Cath says: 'one thing that irritates me is women who put on make-up on the train...' I am ashamed to say I have always found that particular ritual rather fascinating. Partly because of the boldeness of it; because the face is being put on in public and the woman doesn't seem to care; partly because I always thought it must be fun to know that others are watching you. It always feel highly theatrical. contact me
posted by adam 2:58 PM

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

DOWNLOADABLE LIFE: just found Tom's collage, which I think is great. I like that idea of doing something with the debris of old files. contact me
posted by adam 2:44 PM

MY BOWIE: another excluse to add some colour and images to my too much text site [via Luke]:

Which David Bowie are you?

posted by adam 2:32 PM

DOWNLOADABLE LIFE: just found Tom's collage , which I think is great. I like that idea of doing something with the debris of old files. contact me
posted by adam 2:17 PM

FICTION READING ON THE TUBE: for some time now I have been wanting to start a project on fiction reading and transportation in London. In particular, fiction reading on the Tube [the Tube seems to be one of those rare urban spaces where we are confronted by other poeple's fiction reading at such close quarters]. My problem is how to set about doing this research and especially how to locate poeple to work with. Short of walking up and down the tube carriages and making a public announcement of my interest, what can I do? Good ideas would be VERY welcome. contact me
posted by adam 2:16 PM

BLOGGING IN TIME AND SPACE: I have already asked this on the mailing lists [and thanks for all the responses], but thought I would ask it here as well:
So here is the question: Where are you reading this mailing list from now?
[town, city, area of London, work, home, cybercafe etc]Is it the same place
from which you do most of your blogging?
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Tuesday, March 19, 2002

THE MAN WITH THE SWEPT BACK HAIR AND TORN JEANS: yesterday I walked down to Upper St from Stoke Newington. Walking past Starbucks, I observed a man sitting at the window. He had white, swept back hair, broad brim glasses, white stubble, blue denin jacket and jeans; in his lap he cradled a camera with a big lens. In that brief glimpse, I decided he must be a photographer; he appeared to be watching the street for suitable subjects to shoot. Anyway, soon forgot about him. Much later on, taking the night bus from Finsbury Park to Stamford Hill, I got off and there he was again, standing in a closed shop entrance, looking out on the street. Only this time his jeans were torn and cut! Haven't seen him again. contact me
posted by adam 11:17 AM

MAILING LIST ANGST: all the debate on the UK mailing lists about whether to start a new mailing list specifically devoted to off topic discussions among bloggers highlights the issue of how to control the limits of what constitutes the blogging community. How can the community flourish yet remain coherent and distinct? contact me
posted by adam 11:08 AM

Friday, March 15, 2002

GO GUM: as a regular gum chewer myself, I am glad to read that the activity has now been 'scientifically proved' to increase brainpower! Apparently, it improves the memory. Sounds good to me. contact me
posted by adam 8:41 AM

SCALLOBLOG: thanks to David for agreeing to meet up and talk about his blog. I really enjoyed the conversation. Our discussions drew out the issue of writing; and in particular whether or not bloggers consider themselves as diarists or not. What do you think? contact me
posted by adam 8:36 AM

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

PERSONALS AND ONLINE DATING: again surfing the My Village site, I see there are local and London based personals pages. As is well known, blogging has inadvertently led to dating and romance between web loggers. Would you or have you posted to an online personals page? contact me
posted by adam 11:35 AM

MY VILLAGE: just been looking at the My Village sites for London. Does anybody use this service or post reviews, comments or messages to message boards on it? What do you think of this kind of online London local community building? Does the local idea work for you? contact me
posted by adam 11:32 AM

Sunday, March 10, 2002

HELLISH EXCURSION: okay, so yesterday we decided to go up to Cambridge for the evening to meet some friends. Cue transport disaster. First task: catch the number 106 bus from Stamford Hill to Finsbury Park: we had to wait 45 minutes [normal wait time 10 minutes max]. Second task: catch the train from Finsbury Park to Cambridge: we arrive at Finsbury Park to discover that the train we want is late arriving, so we can still make it; we run up the stairs and down to platform only to discover that the train is so full there is only standing room. Okay, so we decide to wait for the next train, only ten minutes later. That train is 15 minutes late due to fact no driver arrived at Kings Cross to drive it, but we get on board, only to find we have to stand again and the train is a slow one, stopping everywhere. We stand for about 20 minutes and then manage to locate some seats. Another 40 minutes goes by of pleasant enough train travel, until we stop abruptedly at town of Roytson and told to get off as the power lines are down on the rest of the track due to high winds. So we are offered a bus connection to Cambridge; after a long queue and lots of irritability among fellow customers, we get on bus and drive to Cambridge [overall length of trip: 2 hours & 20 minutes; meant to be 55 minutes]. Get into Cambridge and have nice evening. Then have to head back to station to go back to London. We decide to walk there, but underestimate the distance and end up running most of the way [having just eaten]. But our luck is in: the power lines are working again and we just manage to catch a London train. Only problem, it is another slow train that stops everywhere. Still finally get to Finsbury Park and catch a 106 just in time and home. Phew! contact me
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Wednesday, March 06, 2002

ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM: thanks to Steve for our discussion this afternoon, which I enjoyed. Good luck with the job hunting. contact me
posted by adam 9:48 PM

IRONY AND MEMORY: just be reading Fussell on literature, imagination and the Great War. He makes the interesting point that the only way in which writers could remember and convey their expereince of the horror of war was through the deployment of irony, and in particular the writing of war through images of the absurd and abridged hope. It made me think about the writing of web logs and the generally ironic tone of postings and slant on life. Is this a condition of the culture of new media work and expression, or perhaps it is linked to the chronicling ambition of blogs (posting with a view to looking back in years to come)? contact me
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Sunday, March 03, 2002

END OF THE LINE: travelling on the Picadilly Line into Central London today, I realised I have never visited Cockfosters [the northern end of that line]. It reminded me that I have yet to fulifl my ambition to travel to the ends of all tube lines in London, get out and see what's there. Can anyone enlighten me? contact me
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Saturday, March 02, 2002

GROVE CAFE: my new favourite cafe [for those living in North London]: on corner of Highbury Grove and St Pauls Roads. It is small, cosy and run by some Greeks, who actually make you feel like you are welcome [during our extended lunch and coffee they kept bringing up yummy freshly baked biscuits and savouries]. Thumbs up! contact me
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Click here to take the M*A*S*H quiz!

posted by adam 7:52 PM

MULTILINGUAL BLOGGERS: thanks to Elke for adding a new dimension to my question about individuals having more than one blog. At the time I was thinking about people who had several blogs, of different levels of intimacy and anonymity. But Elke rightly points out that some people also have several blogs in different languages [for Elke German and English]. And Elke makes the point that he can write express things differently in the two languages [his postings are not translated from one blog to the other]. Any more variations on the theme of having several blogs? contact me
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Friday, March 01, 2002

FICTION READING ON THE TUBE: for some time now I have been trying to think about how one might go about conducting ethnographic fieldwork on fiction reading on the tube. Occasionally people write about the subject, but it is hard to conceive how one might locate a group of people to work with. Perec makes the point that fiction reading on the tube is in some way governed by the geography of the tube system [in his case the Paris metro]; so that the reader learns to pace his or her novel reading by the space between tube stops; so in some sense the geography of the tube system enters the space-time of the book [there is a mediation between the fictional space-time and your journey between Finsbury Park and Oxford Circus on the Victoria line, for instance]. Any thoughts on your fiction reading on the tube? What part does it play in your daily commute? contact me
posted by adam 11:40 AM

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